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Epicured: Chef-Crafted Gluten-Free & Low-FODMAP Meals Delivered

About Low FODMAP

FODMAP is an acronym for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols. These are short-chain carbohydrates found in many foods and food additives that can be hard for some people to digest.

The low FODMAP diet is specifically designed to help patients understand what their bodies can and cannot tolerate. No two individuals will have the same experience. At Epicured we recommend our clients adhere to a low FODMAP diet with the supervision of a clinician. 

It is clinically recommended for people with IBS, Crohn's, Colitis, and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders to help manage symptoms.

You can learn more about the low FODMAP diet here.

Epicured is a healthcare company dedicated to nutrition intervention as a means to address chronic disease. Our first entree into therapeutic nutrition is the low FODMAP diet. Our medically tailored menu is designed in collaboration with clinicians from across the Untied States including the extraordinary team at Mt. Sinai and our award-winning chefs. 

We ensure all of our menus are created to the standards published by Monash University and FODMAP Friendly. A final review is completed by one of the members of our Partners In Health community.

There are many wonderful resources out there.

If you're trying a low FODMAP diet for the first time, you should download the handy Monash University FODMAP app . You can also visit the FODMAP Friendly site.

Fiber is very important for maintaining gut health and bowel function even if you have IBS-D. There are different types of fiber, soluble, insoluble and prebiotic fiber. If you have IBS-D, eating foods with more soluble fiber can help bulk up the stool and improve bowel function. We recommend everyone to consult with their doctor and dietitian to find whats best for them. 

We understand that garlic and onion can be a factor for many issues but we have had amazing results with our infused oils which are included in many of our meals. 

Our signature garlic-infused oil and the low FODMAP diet

Our garlic-infused oil offers delicious flavor while still complying to the low FODMAP elimination diet guidelines. Many of our customers are grateful to be able to enjoy garlic flavor and not experience any digestive issues! Because FODMAPs are water-soluble, and water and oil do not mix (Science 101), adding garlic to oil to infuse the flavor  and then removing the garlic flesh will not allow the water-soluble fructans (a type of FODMAP) to leach into the oil. As always, before altering your diet or trying new foods, such as Epicured low FODMAP and gluten free meals, speak with your healthcare provider.  

As a reminder, the low FODMAP elimination diet is not a FODMAP-free diet. The goal of this science-based diet is to reduce the amount of FODMAPs to a level that provides symptomatic relief. Most low FODMAP grains, fruits, and vegetables have small amounts of FODMAPs but are allowed in specific portion levels to comply with the low FODMAP elimination diet guidelines.

To further assist, we also provide a IBD filter on the menu page that only displays menu items that have a much lower chance of further affecting stomach issues and are easier to digest. We have identified certain entrees, side dishes and beverages that may be easier to digest due to their softer textures and lighter ingredients.

We also recommend speaking with your nutritionist if you want to be sure as we value your health above all. 

Please note: these are only suggestions as individuals tolerate ingredients differently. These guidelines should help you navigate the menu when your symptoms increase.

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