Pulled BBQ Chicken

with Southern Dirty Rice


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Pulled chicken slow-cooked in Epicured's original sweet and smoky BBQ sauce over a bed of spiced Southern Dirty Rice.

Pulled BBQ Chicken

Chicken arborio rice
red bell pepper yellow bell pepper
plum tomatoes jalapeno
Epicured's BBQ Sauce scallions (green part)
radish sweet onion-infused oil
garlic-infused oil celery (3g)*
cilantro ground cinnamon
red pepper flakes ground cumin
ground coriander salt

Epicured's BBQ Sauce

Red bell pepper plum tomatoes
water garlic-infused oil
sweet onion-infused oil charred tomato skins
tamarind paste ground cinnamon
Spanish paprika ground mustard
ground ginger grape juice
raspberry juice white wine vinegar
tomato paste (0.2g)** brownulated sugar
cayenne pepper ground coriander
ground clove white sugar
salt black pepper

Pulled BBQ Chicken

Calories (Cals)500
Calories From Fat (Cals)150
Total Fat (g)17
Saturated Fat (g)2.5
Trans Fat (g)0
Cholesterol (mg)140
Sodium (mg)780
Carbohydrates (g)51
Dietary Fiber (g)5
Sugars (g)4
Protien (g)34
Vitamin A (%DV)70
Vitamin C (%DV)120
Calcium (%DV)10
Iron (%DV)25


Collect the Pulled BBQ Chicken along with the seperately packaged Southern Dirty Rice.


Microwave: Remove lid from Pulled BBQ Chicken, place damp paper towel over chicken and heat for 90 seconds and then in 30 second intervals until sufficiently warm. Remove lid from the Dirty Rice, place damp paper towel over the container and heat for 30 seconds and then in 20 second intervals until sufficiently warm. Remove from microwave and enjoy!

Stove Top: Remove lid from Pulled BBQ Chicken, place contents in a pan and reheat over 3-4 minutes or until sufficiently warm. Put Dirty Rice in a separate pan, add two teaspoons of water and place over medium-low heat for 1-3 minutes. Plate Pulled BBQ Chicken and Dirty Rice. Enjoy!


Keep all food refrigerated until ready to consume.